Acute foot pain


What is the cause of one having acute foot pain, this often occur after sitting for a while and if attempt to stand the pain comes like stepping on pin.

What is the cause and likely solution


Cause of Acute foot pain is broad I wld say it ranges from local disorder like Trauma to the site to some systemic disorder like Diabetic Mellitus. Also arthritis some neuropathy could also be a cause. But based on what u describe by pain being aggravated wit long time sitting I would suggest its might be arthritis or a neuropathy. Diabetes mellitus would come wit tingling sensation or like walking on a wool also intermittent clarifications. Other questions I might like to ask is if it’s just at the foot alone and not in any other part of the body also the age of the client . Then do you notice a deformity. Compression on a nerve can also cause pain and atherosclerosis which can lead to reduce blood supply to the site can also be a cause. I would suggest an x ray of the foot, and a fasting blood sugar also a good examination of the foot can help give a definitive Diagnosis. And treatment will be according to Diagnosis.


Answering your question, is only the foot and not deformity at any point

That is very explanatory though.

Thanks Dr Seun