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Any doctor in the house - please I will like to know if there is anything someone can do to prevent diabetes particularly where close members of the family have already been diagnosed. I am a bit worried.


Yes Diabetes can be prevented-especially the type 2 which is commoner.
Since Diabetes runs in the family line, the risk of developing it is higher.
However, the good news is in lifestyle modification

These tips may help

  • Losing weight/avoiding obesity - practically by increased exercises eg brisk walk about 5 times in a week 30 minutes to 1 hour. Periodic but objective assessment of weight loss/gain using the weighing scale is important

Avoid a sedentary life style

Diet - Avoid intake of junks,high calorie meals. Fibres, nuts, legume, fruits, vegetables are recommended

Monitor sugar levels - Occasionally, blood sugar levels can be measured and urgent report to the clinic for further management.


What could be the major cause of a swollen foot for over 2yrs and despite d xray and other drugs Nd neurogenic used, it’s still swollen…It therefore causes pain sometimes .


@beewum…There are several causes of swollen foot.This depends on whether it affects one foot or both.
(A) One foot affectation can be caused by Lymphoedema(excessive accumulation of fluid due to obstruction of lymph vessels).This usually begins insidiously from the foot and may progress upward over a period of months or years without any antecedent injury. This is usually painless although one may have dragging sensation from time to time.
Other causes including:
Lymphangitis from previous injury that caused lymphatic obstruction
Venous insufficiency in which swelling will be associated with dull aching pain and this usually improves by walking or elevating the legs
Filariasis is also an important cause in developing countries.

(B) Both legs affectation may be caused by Heart failure, kidney disease or Lipoedema.

So, it is very important to get adequate history and certain investigations like Electrolyte Urea and Creatinine,Duplex Ultrasound, Full blood count, ESR and Blood film for microfilaria to be able to arrive at definite cause or diagnosis.


Pls what can be the cause of both eyes aching, itching and causing severe headache Nd weakness…