Blood Pressure


What is the easiest way to control Blood pressure?


There is no single "easiest way"
to control Blood pressure.
The control of Blood pressure is a combination of certain approaches which medically is referred to as “life style modification”

The factors involved are:

  1. Don’t be far from your Doctor- Constant checkup and assessment of progress in management of High Blood Pressure has saved many lives and reduced complications (e.g stroke, heart failures) associated with hypertension

  2. Diet- Not all diet are healthy for High BP. Excess salt or spice, High caffeine, High fatty/cholesterol foods have been linked to HBP

  3. Smoking worsens HBP - stopping is beneficial

  4. High Alcohol intake worsens HBP - stopping is beneficial

  5. Sedentary life style worsens hypertension- exercises like brisk walking 4-5 time/week protective

  6. Conquering Obesity is linked to controlling HBP

  7. Drugs- compliance to prescribed anti-hypertensive medication is essential to have a properly controlled HBP

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