Constant flow of blood...what's the immediate advice?


Noticed the constant flow of blood even after monthly flow…with high velocity, it looks like it goes on sometimes without date and time. However, after visiting hospital was diagnose of vibrod. Not married yet and was advice to be sure or ready for pregnancy after the operation to avoid new ones. Now what can be Done in the interim to stop the flow of blood? To avoid loosing weight.


Hello Morak.
The description of symptoms seem to be in keeping with the diagnosis of fibroids. Fibroids is the commonest gynaecologic tumor in women of reproductive age and sometimes does not require urgent treatment since most are asymptomatic. However, in your case it is symptomatic and the bleeding may require prompt management due to the not so good aftermaths of prolonged bleeding. On treatment of women with uterine fibroids, it
must be individualized and its based on these factors: severity of symptoms, the
size and location of fibroids, age of patient, the needs and desires of
the patient (especially for preservation of fertility or the uterus), the options
available for therapy( usually surgeries and/or hormonal based medication)…the factors above make it very expedient to visit a specialist for proper evaluation and prompt management. Thanks Moraks for your time


Thanks Dr. Ibukun, I have visited hospital eas early mention and since I was told not to worry for now and the flow of blood persist it raises concern about the issue. However I agreed with you take some further diagnosis.