Cure of Hepatitis B Virus


Doctors Help, Can Hepatitis B Virus can be cured. I just learnt that the Hep C Virus has a currently in place but have heard nothing about the Hep B Cure. Also what is the best medication for it after making sure you avoid all the don’ts in managing your liver. Thanks


@chiakabueze,thank you for contacting MMB. I’m sorry to inform you that there is no proven medical cure for Hepatitis B at the moment. However, there is some positive news. There are medications and Injections that can keep the virus from multiplying in the body and thus prevent further damage in the Liver. These are Interferon injections and Antiviral tablets (Lamivudine). Research is still on going for a total cure of Hepatitis B. We are hopeful of a cure in the nearest future.


What is or are the likely cause of the desease?


@Morak,thank you for your feedback. Hepatitis B is a Blood-borne virus. It could be contacted by the following routes:

  1. Transfusion with infected blood or blood products.
  2. Sharing of sharp objects like razor, needles.It could happen while getting tattoos ,fixing hair extensions or sharing needles by drug abusers.
  3. An infected mother can infect the child at birth.
  4. Infection can also happen through sexual intercourse.
  5. Healthworkers exposed to blood and body fluids of infected patients can also get it.