MMB HomeCare FAQs


What is MMB HomeCare?
MMB HomeCare is a digital platform that enables patients and their relatives to instantly find and book registered doctors, nurses and physiotherapists who are available to provide healthcare services in the patients’ home or workplace for an agreed fee.

Who is MMB HomeCare for?
MMB HomeCare is designed for the following categories of users:

  1. Registered Health Workers - doctors, nurses and physiotherapists willing to provide health services in domestic setting will be able to publish their professional profile on the platform. They will be able to manage conveniently any appointment and care contract facilitated with patients using the platform for as long as they want.

  2. Individuals – patients and their family members will use MMB HomeCare to find registered health care workers – doctors, nurses or physiotherapists and book appointment with them for domestic care either for one-off consultation or for continuing care. Individuals with family members in distant locations in particular can use the platform to find registered health workers to provide medical care to their loved ones in absentia.

How secure is MMMB HomeCare?
MMB HomeCare is committed to protecting the privacy of its users. All clinical and financial transactions captured through the platform are managed with extreme confidentiality. MMB HomeCare encrypts all the information added to the system and all transactions between health workers and patients are entirely confidential and inaccessible to third parties.

Who can view transactions on MMB HomeCare?
Only registered users are able to access any meaningful information on MMB HomeCare. In addition, patient’s medical records are not stored on the platform and the management of any such records is entirely the responsibility of both the health care worker and their patients. However to assist users in managing patient health records seamlessly, Silverwings Medical Informatics Ltd is currently developing MyMedicalBank. This is an innovative digital solution that will enable subscribers move their health information securely to the mobile space where it can be accessed and updated readily on demand from any location in the world.

How do I access MMB HomeCare?
The system can be accessed from anywhere in the world by downloading the MMBHomeCare app or visiting via an internet-enabled computing device such as a smartphone, a laptop or a desktop.

Prospective users are required to register freely for either of two types of accounts:
Service Seeker account designed for individuals - patients and their relatives.
Service Provider account designed for registered healthcare workers - doctors, nurses and physiotherapists.

How can Individuals use MMB HomeCare?
Individual users (patients or their relatives) will need to register for a free Service Seeker account. However to initiate and maintain contact with any of the registered health workers on the platform, they will have an option of paying for a 30-day subscription or 12-month subscription.

How does MMB HomeCare work for Individuals?
Registered patients or their relatives will use MMB HomeCare to search for registered doctors, nurses or physiotherapists based on their location, clinical specialty or name. Once they find one or more health workers they are interested in, they send a message to them. Based on the response(s) received, they make a care contract by choosing and booking an appointment with the particular health worker they want.

How does payment work for Individuals?
Once a contract is made between a Service Seeker account holder and a health worker, the account holder will make a payment based on their agreed fee. The payment will be held in trust for both parties and released to the health worker only after they have actually visited the patient. Where a continuing care that requires repeat visits is agreed, the account holder will be able to manage these through the application and pay the agreed fee prior to each visit from the health worker.

How much does it cost for individuals?
Registration for a Service Seeker account is free for individual users. However a 30-day paid subscription or a 12-month paid subscription is required in order to initiate contacts with any registered health worker on the platform. .

How can health workers register to use MMB HomeCare?
A free Care Provider account is available for all doctors, nurses and physiotherapists upon registration on MMB HomeCare. However only healthcare workers duly licensed to practice in their country of residence will be able to register on the platform.
In addition, registered health workers will be required to authorise Silverwings Medical Informatics Ltd to verify their professional credentials and references with relevant regulatory bodies and to be issued with a photo ID Card by paying a token one-off verification fee of N5,000 or $20 only. Beyond that, there are no charges to the health worker to use the platform.

How does MMB HomeCare work for Health Workers?
Once their credentials have been verified, the registered health worker will be issued a photo ID card and their profile will then go live on MMB HomeCare. They are then able to start taking bookings and payments from the public.

How much does it cost for Health Workers?
Other than the one-off verification and photo ID card fee of N5,000 ($20), there are no charges payable by health workers. In addition, depending on the health worker’s rating on MMB HomeCare, Silverwings Medical Informatics will take a commission of between 20%-30% of the payments they receive.

How do I come on board now?
MMB HomeCare is currently undergoing product development with an anticipated release scheduled for May 2018. However, prospective users – registered health workers, patients and their relatives can begin to sign up now for their free account. To sign up, please use the ‘Pre Register’ form on the MMB HomeCare home page (