My son eyes reddish


Please I have seen in the past few days that my son eyes is getting reddish and he do complain of itching. Though planning to visit hospital but would it be a simple thing to attend to?


Oh,…sorry about that @ Mrs Adenike.
Redness of eye and itching are more in keeping with allergic conjunctivitis,which is not usually serious though can make a child uncomfortable.It could occur on it own or in association with generalized atopy like asthma,eczema,spring catarrh,itchy ears and throat

It very important for him to stay away from any precipitating factors like Pollen from plants and flowers,House dust,mite and animal.
However, Allergic conjunctivitis could be resolved with use of any of Antihistamines like Piriton or Loratidine in combination with NSAID (like Ibuprofen).Then, we lose nothing by adding a Topical antibiotic because of frequent poking with hand which may result in superimposed bacterial infection.
However,it is very important to consult your doctor for proper examination in case of other possibilities.


Glad to know that this is not too serious as we plan to visit Dr as well