MyMedicalBank FAQs


What is MyMedicalBank?
MyMedicalBank (or MMB) is a comprehensive cloud-based application for storing, analysing and retrieving from any location, essential health information of individuals – patients and non-patients, including their vital medical information and history, medical images, test results, clinical documentations and outcomes of hospitalisations.

What is MyMedicalBank Used for?
MyMedicalBank is designed to enable health facilities, healthcare professionals and individual users themselves store essential health information from disparate locations, generate health intelligence, facilitate virtual clinical consultation, and enable the exchange of health information securely through any web-enabled device from anywhere in the world.

What else is MyMedicalBank used for?
Through its in-built algorithms, the application will constantly analyse data recorded by users into meaningful and actionable information that is of benefit for their health maintenance.
Primed to be the best and foremost health information source for all individuals in Nigeria, it will function as a dynamic repository of all registered doctors, registered health facilities, and government approved drugs in Nigeria.

Who is it MMB for?
MyMedicalBank is primarily designed for the following categories of users:

  1. Doctors and other health care professionals will use the application to capture and access their patients’ health information on demand, undertake clinical audits, and engage in multidisciplinary collaboration with other healthcare professionals from anywhere in the world.
  2. Hospitals will use the application to engage with their patients in scheduling appointments, disseminating important information i.e. how to stay safe during epidemic outbreaks, measure clinical outcomes and manage referrals to other hospitals.
  3. Diagnostic centres will use MyMedicalBank to process requests for medical tests from any location and upload the resulting findings and medical images.
  4. Retail pharmacies will use it to manage patients’ prescriptions.
  5. Health Management Organisations (HMOs) and other health insurance companies will use it to monitor their clients’ uptake of health insurance claims to guard against fraudulent insurance claims.
  6. Individuals (patients, non-patients and their carers) will use MMB to access health records their hospital holds on them, generate personalised health insights from the records and communicate confidentially with their doctor.

How secure is MyMedicalBank?
MyMedicalBank is committed to protecting your privacy. All the information provided to the platform is managed with extreme confidentiality. MyMedicalBank encrypts all the information added to the system such as the company behind the software itself cannot access users’ health information on the platform.

Who can access patient records on MyMedicalBank?
A patient’s records can only be accessed by the patient themselves and by a doctor or doctors directly involved in managing the patient’s healthcare. A patient is also able to authorise any doctor to access their records or de-authorise them from doing so if they so wish.
Every user is able to monitor an audit trail of anyone that has accessed their account at anytime and flag up any concern immediately.
Every healthcare organisation will be able to monitor an audit trail of any account of their patients or customers accessed by their registered staff members at anytime and flag up any concern immediately.

How do I access MMB?
Intending users will be required to register in order to access MyMedicalBank. Once registered, the application can be accessed from anywhere in the world by visiting via an internet-enabled computing device such as a smartphone, a laptop or a desktop.

How can individual users register to use MMB?
Individual users (patients and non-patients) can register for either a free Standard account that gives them access to some of the functionalities available within MyMedicalBank or a paid Gold account that offers users unlimited access to all the functionalities within the application. A unique MMB ID that remains that of the user for life will be issued upon registration.

How does MMB work for Individuals?
Registered patients and non-patients are able to use MyMedicalBank to record their own non-clinical information, upload their clinical documents, access clinical information their hospitals hold on them, exchange communications confidentially with doctors and hospitals and generate intelligent reports tailored to their individual needs.

How do Individuals capture their health information?
Patients and non-patients can record their own non-clinical information e.g. their demographics, they can also upload their existing health documents e.g. medical test results, vaccination records, clinic letters, birth certificate etc. in Word, PDF, JPG etc from their computer or simply take a picture of the document with their mobile phone and upload to their MMB account.

How much does it cost for individuals?
Standard account is free for individual users but Gold account costs a token N3,000 or $10 per year.

How can doctors register to use MMB?
A free Caregiver account is available for all registered doctors and other healthcare professionals (nurses, physiotherapists etc). However only healthcare professionals duly registered to practice in their country of residence will be able to register.

How can hospitals register to use MMB?
Hospitals, diagnostic centres, pharmacies and HMOs will be required to register for a Corporate account. This allows health organisations to manage their patients’ pathway and dataset at organisational level. It allows HMOs to manage their customers health insurance claims.

How does MMB work for Doctors?
Registered doctors, hospitals, diagnostic centres and pharmacies are able to use MyMedicalBank to manage their patients’ medical records, generate reports and exchange communication securely with their patients and other healthcare providers.

How much does it cost for Doctors and Healthcare professionals?
Caregiver account is free for all registered healthcare professionals (doctors, nurses, physiotherapists).

How do doctors and health organisations capture patients’ health information?
Doctors and authorised healthcare professionals in hospitals, diagnostic centres and pharmacies will be able to record their patients’ health information directly to MyMedicalBank, upload their clinical documents, test reports and medical images in Word, PDF, JPG, DICOM formats etc. from their computing devices or simply take a picture of the document or image with their mobile phone and upload to their patient’s MMB account.

How does MMB work for HMOs?
HMOs and other health insurance companies are able to use MyMedicalBank to monitor their customers’ insurance claims from participating hospitals and generate reports on claims.

How much does it cost for Health organisations?
A Corporate account for healthcare organisations (hospitals, diagnostic centres, pharmacies and HMOs) costs from N50,000 ($170) per year.

How do I come on board?
MyMedicalBank is currently undergoing product development with an anticipated release scheduled for the latter part of 2018.

Pre-launch registration for Doctors
Doctors can sign up now for a free Caregiver account. To sign up, please use the ‘Register Your Interest’ form on the MyMedicalBank home page (

Pre-launch offer for Individual users
As a reward to our esteemed customers, we are offering a free 12-month subscription to the first 1,000 individuals to sign up for a Gold account!

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