Numbness of arm....can malaria be the cause?


More often I have notice some numbness on the left arm and most of that time it’s malaria. Once the malaria is treated the numbness disappear and sometimes it could be severe and worrisome like a symptom of stroke, like blood not flowing true the vein. But test carried out indicate no symptoms of stroke. Pls can malaria be the problem or what’s association of malaria with numbness?


@Morak. Thank you for your enquiry. Numbness sometimes does come with Plasmodium Falciparum malaria.This numb feeling is known in medicine as Neuropathy. How this happens is not yet known but be rest assured that no cause for alarm. Meanwhile, you need to be evaluated at the hospital to exclude any other condition that may give you similar symptom.This symptom usually come up when there is fever and resolves with treatment. It happens in about 2% of persons with Falciparum malaria.