Passing wind


Hello all, i’ve been passing wind that has an quite a bad smell over for a number of days now. Is there anything i can take to stop it?



@MrWarner, thank you for contacting MMB. Here are tips on how you can stop smelly farts:

  1. Pay attention to what you eat. Nuts, egg, milk, carbohydrates, beverages containing sulfites,meat,spices and fizzy drinks cause smelly farts.
  2. Homecure like taking Apple cider vinegar can help. Also prescription medication like activated charcoal is also an effective option.
  3. Yoghurt though a dairy product has probiotic property that helps reduce smelly fart.
    4 .Avoid food and drugs that can get you constipated,hence causing smelly fart. Some carbohydrates stay long on the bowel and ferment. Drugs like codeine can give constipation as well.
    I hope you find these tips helpful.