Splinters in foot


I’ll appreciate it if someone can advise me on how I can remove splinters from the sole of my foot.

The splinters aren’t painful but the location is swollen.

Any suggestions will be welcome.



Hello Mr Warner.
Splinters are usually tiny wooden fragments(otherwise tiny fragments of plastics, metals etc) that penetrate the skin. They’re generally tagged foreign bodies.
You’re right- they may not be painful, sometimes not swollen too…but mostly could bring undeserved discomfort to patients.

It can be removed by just a minor aseptic surgical skill by a medical practitioner.
It’s risky removing it yourself like its somehow culturally done, because it can result to incision injury from sharps been used by the patient. However, with use of antiseptic liquids to clean the surface over the splinter, expertise incision with a surgical blade, good antibiotic presciption and if necessary analgesic cover (with proper wound dressing) should suffice. All this and other healthcare services could be offered at a token by subscribing as a user @ www.mmbhomecare.com. Thanks for your time.