Tummy ache in 8 year old


My daughter is 8 years old and complains a lot of tummy ache especially when she wakes up in the morning and when she’s travelling in a car.

Is this a common issue and is there anything we can do to reduce the incidence of the stomach upset?

Any comments will help because this has been going on for quite some time. Thanks a lot


@MrWarner, thank you for contacting MMB. The symptom your child experiences from time to time may suggest that she has a condition called ABDOMINAL MIGRAINE. Classically the symptom shows up in the morning. Car sickness is also a trigger. The triggers of this condition are similar to that of Migraine headaches. The treatment is also similar. Usually drugs are given to stop vomiting and a medication called Sumatriptan is used. I will suggest that you read up on this and also visit a Paediatric doctor to discuss management options. Good luck!